Speeding up Ruby Development on Windows using RubyMine


On many corners of the internet if you mention that you do Ruby on Rails development on Windows, you will immediately feel the earth shaking as the community starts laughing in unison and yelling at you to make the switch to a more Ruby-friendly platform.

I haven’t made the switch away from Windows, and yes, there are quite a few headaches to deal with but for the most part my productivity doesn’t suffer. One of the main reasons is that I’m using RubyMine.

I’ll make no secret of it, I have almost always* used an IDE because the majority of my programming was done on the Windows platform. When I moved to Ruby on Rails, a major project required that I didn’t lose too much time getting started so I chose RubyMine as my IDE so that my development environment wasn’t something that slowed me down.

Like a lot of developers, I too said ooh and aah when I watched Ben Orenstein’s presentation on vim but the learning curve wasn’t something I had time for. I chose RubyMine because of the ability to speed things up with keyboard shortcuts.  Here are a couple that I use regularly to get things done faster.

Fast File Navigation

Ctrl + Shift + N

Brings up a window that allows you to find files using fuzzy search.



Shift + Alt + N

Makes it easy to move between associated files.  For example, if you’re editing a model and you need to switch to the controller.  Use Shift+Alt+N to bring up a dialog box of all the associated files.




* back in the day I coded classic ASP sites in Notepad.  Pretty hardcore, I know.

** no, this post isn’t sponsored


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