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More RubyMine Shortcuts for Faster Development

RubyMine isn’t vim but you can still use keyboard shortcuts to speed things up. Here are a few more of my favorite keyboard shortcuts.

  • Shift + Esc
    Hides the last active window.  This is especially helpful when you want to hide the testing window or the project window so that most of your screen is only code windows
  • Ctrl + Alt + M
    Extracts a method that contains the currently selected text.  Very helpful when breaking up large methods.
  • Shift + F6
    Rename the currently selected text.


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A Few of My favorite RubyMine Shortcuts to Speed Up Development

Speeding up Ruby Development on Windows using RubyMine

A Few of My favorite RubyMine Shortcuts to Speed Up Development

As a developer on the Windows platform, it’s very difficult to stop reaching for the mouse but I’ve been trying to wean myself from the mouse as much as possible.  Here are a few of my favorite RubyMine shortcuts that have helped.

  • Ctrl + W
    Selects the nearest word.  Repeatedly pressing them will select increasingly larger blocks of words.
  • Ctrl + /
    Toggle commenting on the selected line or highlighted block.
  • Ctrl + Tab
    Navigates through the files that are open.
  • Shift + Delete
    Deletes the current row and places it in your Clipboard to paste later.
  • Ctrl + Alt + M
    Extracts the highlighted block of code into a new method.