But What About Testing?


In the last post, I didn’t mention testing but please don’t take that to mean that no testing was done.  I ran tests as soon as I forked the repository and after each small change.  Like I heard at the recent Ancient City Ruby conference, you don’t want to stay in the red too long.

While I was living in the .Net world, testing was always something that I wanted to do but it just isn’t as easy as it is in RoR.  My testing in .Net never seemed to gain traction.  This is another reason why my shift to Ruby makes me feel like I’ve landed in the right spot.  It’s just too easy not to do.

I really don’t like getting into the tool/framework debate, so my take is to pick a testing framework that works for you and get to work.  If you can grasp it quickly and it just makes sense, then go for it and stick with it.


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